Aris watches

For the millennial couple obsessed with time.

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A minimalistic line of watches made of sustainable materials for the millennial couple obsessed with time.
The simplicity of the product allows us to use just the most necessary bare minimum materials. Straps and shard around the glass made from 100% naturally sourced rubber.Non toxic, renewable and biodegradableCrystal glass.Stainless steel on the back with a polished finish
The story behind the Aris line of simplistic watches goes back to the time of Aristotle. It’s about convincing others and appealing to their emotional and rational side. This watch is a statement of conviction that simple things are the only way to build a better future for our children. We need to obsess ourselves with pure, simple convictions in order to help our Earth and help our children. 


Our future belongs to our children and this is where our line of the Logos watches perfectly fits.

Are you ready to take control of time?

It's never too late to begin a new life.
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